"Basics of playing fast "
By Wim den Herder, April 2004

I think that it is true that almost every rock-guitarplayer wants to play fast. But it's not that easy to get your technique on a needed level.
Some things seem impossible to play, but you have to remember that there is always a basic within the framework of fast runs. We will treat different categories and discover some nice basics. We will start be deviding the runs in the number of notes per string:

1 note per string
2 notes per string
3 notes per string
4 notes per string

I will give various examples, providing you a good basic to use your learned basics. In addition to these ways I will show you other techniques like pattern-constructed runs.

You will learn these techniques step by step, and finally you'll be able to apply them in your own playing.

Good luck!

Wim den Herder

Table of contents:

Lesson 1: one note per string
Lesson 2: two notes per string
Lesson 3: three notes per string
Lesson 4: four notes per string
Lesson 5: runs contructed out of a pattern
Lesson 6: other runs
Lesson 7: putting it all together in solos