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The news below is from 2009
More about the Guitar Academy, click here


3rd department Guitar Academy in Haarlem

The Guitar Academy is a huge succes. It started in Januari 2009 and now 9 months later: 100 students, 8 teachers, 2 departments in Amsterdam and a 3rd department with Jonne Beenke in Haarlem!

'Wim is doing something that doesn't exist: a guitarschool with real expertise, focus on adults, beautiful locations and a great philosophy.'

Check out


12-06 Jazz in de gracht, Den Haag
20-06 Merwede Jazzfestival, Nieuwegein
28-06 Panama, Amsterdam
29-07 Heeren van Aemstel, Amsterdam
15-09 Cafe Dizzy, Rotterdam
17-09 Badcuyp, Amsterdam


Wim starts 2nd department Guitar Academy

In May 2008 Wim was teaching about 20 guitarstudents at his home. But then Wim decided to start a guitarschool, representing philisophies about music, teaching that are missing in most schools today.
Now, half a year after the founding of Wim's Guitar Acadamy, it has grown to 60 students, 5 teachers and next week Rob will start the 2nd department in a beautiful office in Oud-Zuid. The growth with an average of 3 students a week is the result of passionate teaching. The Guitar Academy seems to be the perfect alternative for boring music schools !

International Acoustic Strings Festival 2009

Papers after the DVD release

Groot Voorschoten, 17 maart 2009. Foto: Floris Schafer


Wim plays with Gareth Pearson

Click here for a direct link to youtube

On this edition of the International Acoustic Strings festival Wim will perform with one of Europe greatest guitartalents Gareth Pearson. Watch the video to see what I mean. We can look forward to an interesting meeting on stage !


Will Wim manage to play this crazy solo ?

Click here for a direct link to youtube

The International Acoustic Strings festival features Wim and Gareth together on stage, but also a special workshop of Wim about 'playing piano on the guitar'.

Wim announced us that he's going to play this Oscar Peterson solo on his guitar (click left to see), so you don't want to miss this !!


DVD released !

Harry Sacksioni (left) officially offers Wim den Herder the DVD 'introducing'

Wim den Herder says:
'Thanks everybody for coming. It was a great evening with 150 - 180 people. It was one of the best moments in my life. Thanks to Reinout and Arend from the Heeren van Aemstel, Harry Sacksioni for introducing us (I feel overwhelmed by his comments, wow!), Oat (great sound), Roald (Bokito was caged but still dangerous), Daniel (Probably the best facial expressions ever showed), Enny (inviting press, help in organising), Anne Groos (photo on DVD), Herman Wesselink (for selling the DVD), Lera (for making the 150 Mozzarella muffuns), the 5 beautiful girls from the Mozzarella Girl Squad (for serving it), Robberts (for his beautiful guitar), Ruud Dirkse and Alex Bordewijk (It all started in Hilversum last year!) Everybody, thank you for making this event happening !!!'


- Check out movie from Student-magazine Folia
- Check out paper from Voorschoten
- 'Wim is one of Holland's greatest guitarists'

- Meteoriet (live, youtube)
- Disco (live, youtube)
- Driving with Ron (live, youtube)


DVD release Party

Click here for a direct link to youtube

I'm very proud to announce to you the release of our DVD. The DVD contains a live concert registration with the great Roald Becher on drums and Daniel Gueli on bass.
The DVD release party takes place in Heeren van Aemstel on sunday the 15th of March.

Invitation: the DVD release party

Click here to watch the trailer



Math & Music at Scienceparty Discovery

Next friday 26 september I will give a lecture about mathematical structures in music during Discovery'08. Discovery is a scienceparty that aims to combine science with partying. My lecture will be part of the '20PK' session, which stands for a flashy powerpoint-presentation with 20 seconds per slide. I'm looking forward! Click here for information

Radio 3fm had an interview with me about mathematical structures in music, as a result of the short movie that they shot earlier on popfestival Lowlands.

Click here for the direct link


Father Frank and son Wim on stage!

Youtube videos:
Prolucia, Balance of Nature, Czardas

Friday 5 September I will perform with my dad on stage. We will play classical pieces, modern music and crazy own composition, my father composed one for church-organ and guitar (!)

The concert takes place in 'de Dorpskerk' in Voorschoten at 20:15. See affiche for details

See paper article (dutch)

'Drummende Einstein'

This weekend Music festival Lowlands took place! I went there with my PR assistent / friend Caspar Steinebach who did a great job in promoting the workshop. The workshop took place in the Sigma-tent and was organised by the UvA, Amsterdam.
It was a great experience to 'perform at lowlands' ! The audience response was enthusiastic, especially while introducing fruits to rhythmic patterns.
Friday, 26 september, I'll do the workshop at Discovery '08. See tour dates.


Lowlands: Mathematical structures in music

This summer I will perform at musicfestival Lowlands.. finally my breakthrough!

as a mathematician.. !!

I will give a workshop about mathematical structures in music. The university of Amsterdam invited me to do this. I'm going to show musical examples of mathematical patterns and I'm going to show basic structures by introducing fruit!
It will take place in the 'Sigma-tent'. See tour and see the map of Lowlands where you can find the Sigma-tent.

The picture left shows the mathematical structure of 'The Mirror' by the band Dream Theater. Something strange is happening, check out this tune on Youtube.

Paris gave us the secret

Last week Martijn and I went to Paris (in France!). We were in search of the gypsi secret and wanted to know what made guitarists like Django Reinhardt, Birelli Lagrene such great musicians. On saturday we had our first concert in the Swan-bar and we met Serge Forte. He is an amazing jazz-pianist and also an huge fan of Oscar Peterson. Serge and I had a nice time jamming (video youtube)! Serge met Oscar ten years ago and interviewed him. Then Oscar told Serge his secret of becoming so insanely good. Serge also gave me three of his CDs and I can recommend you to listen to this pianomaster, he's great! He arranged another concert for us in the musicians-area Mont-martre.
I hope to visit Paris soon with my trio!


Guitarduo to Paris: Les guitaristes Wim den Herder et Martijn Michel sont à Paris en quête de l' authentique "jazz secret" du style gipsy.

Wim den Herder est un guitariste reconnu en Hollande, capable de jouer à la guitare les solos du pianiste Oscar Peterson !! Il a remporté le championnat hollandais de guitare à l'âge de 13 ans, et il donnait déjà à cet âge des concerts avec le très connu Jan Akkerman.

Wim et Martijn se sont rencontrés il y a un an, et ont formé ce duo acoustique. L'interaction joue un rôle important dans leur musique. Ils espèrent pour ce premier voyage à Paris trouver l'objet de leur recherche et vous faire partager leur plaisir de jouer.

Guest performance on Harry Sacksioni's new CD

Harry Sacksioni asked me on his new CD. We will play Harry's song 'Amsterdam Arena' together. The studio-recordings will be this week. I'm looking forward to an interesting session!

DVD recordings finished

Graduated at the conservatory

Yesterday my final exams took place at the conservatory of Amsterdam. I played with two groups:
Philipe Lemm, Johnny Tevreden, Hans Lammen and Roald Becher, Daniel Gueli. Special guests were trompetist Jan dekker and vocalist (!) Christopher Klassen who impressed the audience by singing/soloing over Cherokee. The grade from the guitarteachers (Van iterson, v/d Grinten, Sprengers) was a 8.5.

Thanks to everybody for coming to the concert and see you soon!!


Video DVD recording 'Wim den Herder trio'

On the 1st of July there will be recordings in the TV studios of Hilversum. The recording is done by United Broadcast Facilities, with director Alex Bordewijk.

(See Wim's TV channel)

The Wim den Herder trio is:

Roald Becher, drums
Daniel Guelli, bass
Wim den Herder, guitars

New guitar: Godin Multiac Nylon Duet

Last week I bought this new guitar. The name Godin and the meaning of this word is exactly the right description!
This guitar will be an important contribution to the sound of my trio, so I'm looking forward to the DVD recordings and the end exam!

Final exams at the Conservatory of Amsterdam

Monday night, the 23rd of June, 20:00 my final exams will take place in the new building of the conservatory of Amsterdam. The concert is public and for free.

I will play with two groups but I can't tell you too much about the program.

Interview with 'Gitaarnet'

I just had an interview with gitaarnet, an online dutch guitar magazine. We talked about the Oscar Peterson guitarsolo and the tour with Harry Sacksioni. Click here to see the interview.


Harry Sacksioni featuring Wim den Herder in The Hague

The concert in The Hague was really nice. The sound was really good and the audience was inspiring! Actually this city was supposed to be my 'city talent' concert, but as you can see in the tour, things 'got a little bit out of hand'! I was born in a village near the Hague called Voorschoten and was chosen to be 'talent of the hague'. The staff of the theater Diligentia in the Hague agreed with the live broadcasting of Harry's concert at and afterwards I received some smses from friends who saw it. Well, If you still didn't see it, there are two more concerts: Groningen (14-02) and Papendrecht (16-02). I'm working on a new solopiece for these concerts.

City Tour with guitarmaster Harry Sacksioni: Wim invited in seven theaters

In his new programme City Talent Tour Harry Sacksioni will give room to the best guitarist from the City or region during his performance. This person is allowed to show for 20 minutes his capacities as a soloist. Harry himself selects in consultation with the local music scene the most talented person. Harry took this special initiative because as a leading acoustic guitarist in the Netherlands he is convinced, through his guitar clinics and master classes, that the Netherlands has many young guitar talents. Harry is very enthusiastic about Wim's playing and he decided to invite him in seven theaters (click tour). The photo shows the stage in theater 'de Klinker', Winschoten, 6 december 2007. Video 'Sacksioni tour' at youtube

Acoustic Custom-made Robberts Nylon-string endorsement for Sacksioni tour

Robberts Guitars offers me the chance to take this beautiful guitar with me on the Harry Sacksioni Tour. It's exactly the same model as the Robberts I use to play on with rock concerts. The body is made of massive wood and it has nylon strings. It's definitely a beauty!!


Recital at the Conservatory on Youtube

At the Conservatory of Amsterdam we did a recital concert. This was a try-out for the end-exams in June. We had some nice music! The music in the movies is recorded with a minidisc.

Youtube links:

Hogtown Blues

Mission 4


Just Kidding

Line up: Johnny Tevreden, Phillipe Lemm, Simon Haverkate and Jan Dekker


Sena Guitar Awards DVD

10 Years ago, Wim won the dutch guitarchampionships. This year a DVD has been recorded containing an overview of the past winners and their recent development. Some highlights of Wim has been put on youtube. Click here


Dennis Orsel CD

Dennis Orsel is busy recording his first solo album 'Hidden thoughts'. Wim will perform on three tracks. You can already check out 'Another Sunrise'.


Martijn Michel - Wim den herder - Tour

Martijn Michel, fingerpicking jazz guitarplayer, contacted me this summer and we had a very nice first meeting. This month we did two concerts, one in Utrecht at studentclub Biton, and one in Haarlem. Here is a video of 'Isn't she lovely' at cafe cicero in Haarlem. More concerts to come, see tour dates.


Extreme Oscar Peterson solo live performance

During a student night in a theatre on the 16th of May this year I've done a live performance of the great Oscar Peterson pianosolo. It's one of the most extreme solos ever played in jazz music. I played along with a CD. The MTV-logo is done by a friend with video editing. I'm trying to get this idea somewhere on television, so I hope the logo soon will be replaced by a real one!

Click here for video

Conservatory students teaching you

I'm setting up a database of conservatory students that are willing to teach interested musicians. The advantage of this will be that it is a lot easier than the system of music-schools. You pay for 4 times and meet with the student at the conservatory. It will also be a lot cheaper compared to the old teacher and you will probably have a more spontanious series of lessons, because the student knows what learning is about! My goal is to attain a broad range of instruments and styles. You can let me know if you're interested. Click here for the database


Jazz-rock band Bokito

Tuesday 22 May I was called for a gig with three people that same night. These guys appeared to be good friends of mine: Jan Dekker (trumpet), Roald Becher (drums) and Daniel Guelli (bass). The gig went really well and right after we decided to continue as a band. We took the name 'Bokito' as our band name because it associates with the uncontrolled musical powers within the band. 22 May we did our first gig in Club8 in Amsterdam, 24 June we played at the Liber party in the Maloe Melo in Amsterdam and 5 July we did a special concert for friends in 'De Schuur' in Voorschoten. Click here for dutch biography.

European Guitar Event

Last weekend was superb! In the Autotron Rosmalen the European guitar event took place, with lots of cool artists, like Frank Gambale, Jennifer Batton end even Di-rect.. On the saturday I was asked to play in the small hall with Erik Rademakers, Jasper Stadhouders and Charmayne Sijm. They all won the youth championships last years. It was fun although the audience was not bigger than 25 people. But we had a nice jamsession and Frank Gambale came to see us. On the sunday Harry Saskioni couldn't come, and they asked me to play. It was great! Big stage with a lot of cameras. I played one song on guitar and one on drums, a great experience. That weekend was full of highlights and I'm looking forward to the next event.

Jam with Steve Lukather

Hi, last sunday I played in the Heineken music hall for a demonstration of the guitar awards with my band Cursor. We played the tune of Mario Bros in front of 500 people! It was big fun! We got backstage passes, so we hanged backstage all the time.. free drinks... :) There I saw Steve Lukather so I said "Hi steve" and he actually said: "Hi dude, how are you?"!! I asked him if he could sign my guitar, and he said: "o no fuck you man.." (that was a joke :p) We also played the song "Dave's gone skiing" unplugged. He was very nice. There are photos available at Steve's official site!!