Playing along with Oscar (Advanced level)

"I guess he didn't know it couldn't be done.
I think we limit ourselves by thinking some things are impossible (for us).
Congrats Wim", Omar (Google forum)

The idea

Playing melodies and solos that are originally played on other instruments will help you in improving your possibilities on he guitarneck. In the summer of 2005 I was challenged by the fastest en most difficult solo I've ever heard, a pianosolo by the great Oscar Peterson. It was really difficult for me and I had to lock myself up in the house to succeed in doing so. After three days I recorded this video. If you're really fanatic and want to try, check out the guitartab! Remember that you can always reach your goal, if you just go for it!


Guitartab online version (Click here)
Sheet music pdf for piano (Click here)
Guitar-Pro file (Download the guitarpro-file)



Some reactions (Source: google forum)

"Sometimes something is so good and unexpected that it makes you laugh out loud. Thanks for adding a little joy to my day.", Sevenstring
"I think his fingers are channeling space aliens through that computer monitor. ", Steve
"You will be hard pressed to find a handful of players worldwide.. who can achieve this. ", JP
"Damn. I kept wondering if someone had messed with the tape speed. ", Tom
"He was practically jumping for joy at the end of that vid, and it was contagious. How could you not be happy for him? ", Jon
"He's a modern Paganini", Gerry
"What is most amazing is that he is playing ALONG with Oscar Peterson and except for the left hand you almost can't hear any discrepancy", Dan
"Yeah, Wim--it sounds soooo simple!!", Steve
"It has to do with Kung Fu or any other style of high concentration exercises. He described it in his post. Its a matter of the mind and not of the fingers. ", Karl