DVD 'Introducing'
Released on Sunday 15 maart 2009


Introducing the Wim den Herder Trio... The title says it all. With his powerful compositions, virtuoso style and great band chemistry, Wim deserves your full attention.
A graduate of the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Wim is 25 years old. Back in 1997, at the age of 12, he kickstarted his musical career by playing with Dutch six-string legend Jan Akkerman on national television.

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  The year after, Wim was the only under-18 finalist at the Dutch National Guitar Awards and managed to beat all other contestants to win the first prize! He met another well-known guitarist, Harry Sacksioni, who was the head of the jury. Last year, Wim joined Harry on his Dutch tour and collaborated with him on his album ‘Adrenaline’.

This DVD, Wim den Herder's first professional recording, marks the breakthrough of a new voice in jazz music.

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Wim den Herder - guitar
Daniel Gueli - bass
Roald Becher - drums